Thursday, 20 March 2008

New broom

Wild broom growing on rough ground near the garden

Wild orchid

The first vine leaves

Reservoir at the top of the hill, full for the first time this year
but swimming not allowed

Gabian, from the hill near the gardens

Potato update : 4 weeks since we planted the potatoes, the day after the last full moon, and it looks as though they are coming up more quickly than last year, with most of them now good-sized plants. Is it the influence of the moon? There are other variables - we've had more damp days this spring, more rain and these days have been interspersed with days of hot sunshine, making ideal growing conditions. But I'm willing to believe the moon has had some effect.

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Gabian said...

Great photos, spring is the best time, but with the cold wind today I'm not sure the no swimming sign is necessary ! Does look appealing though.