Monday, 2 June 2008

North and South

On a trip to Paris last week I found my own symbol on a shop sign in the rue des Francs Bourgeois:

Back home in the south the olive trees are flowering, in our garden

and in the olive groves

Like vines, they have insignificant flowers but with the potential for such wonderful fruit!


plantgirl said...

thanks for visiting my blog - very cool you have olive trees there

Kate said...

I am just about olives from some trees growing on the hillsides where I live. I pickle them myself and they are the best olives anywhere, I think. When Adelaide was first settled, a man planted groves of olives but didn't count on the English beign so....English...and he gave up on trying to sell them. Now these wonderful old varieties are growing wild despite councils poisoning them because they are not native. The world is a funny place. I love your sign, c-l !