Saturday, 29 November 2008

Walking to the garden on Buy Nothing Day / Une promenade au jardin la Journée sans Achat

Today is Buy Nothing Day. The politicians want us to buy them out of the crisis by going shopping from now until Xmas, but it seems that we got into the crisis partly because people wanted to buy too much, so today we've bought only bread, nothing else at all. And to celebrate a day off from consumerism we left the car at home and walked to the garden. Inspired by Gintoino at Jardim com gatos in Portugal, I thought I'd take you with me past the old mill and up the hill [click on the photos to enlarge them]:

Ajourd'hui c'est la Journée sans Achat. Les politiciens veulent que nous achètions pour terminer la crise économique, mais il me semble que la crise est arrivée parce que les gens ont voulu acheter trop. Donc, aujourd'hui on n'a acheté que le pain. Pour fêter une journée sans consommation on a laissé la voiture chez nous et on est allé au jardin à pied. Inspirée par Gintoino du blog Jardim com gatos au Portugal, je vous invite de m'accompagner en passant le vieu moulin et en montant la colline [cliquer sur les photos pour les agrandir]:

garden walk 1_1_1 garden walk 2_1 garden walk 3_1_1
millstone_1_1 garden walk 4_1_1 garden walk 5_1_1
roses in winter_1_1 garden walk 6_r1_1_1 sedum on wall_1_1

At the top of the path ... / en haut ...

a winter view of the village / la vue de Gabian en hivergabian winter view_1_1

garden in winter_1_1_1

and our garden in winter / et notre jardin en hiver

I like the different ways people use to secure their gardens / j'aime les façons differentes de clôturer et proteger les jardins:

corrugated iron_3_1 rusty padlock_1_1
green door_1_1_1 red door_1_1

and the plants growing by the old stone walls / et les plantes qui poussent près des murs en pierre anciens

artichoke wall_3_1 garden steps_1_1
lichened roof_2_1
and the lichen ....
plane leaves_1_1_1
and the plane leaves.


mamawhatthe said...

Thank you for sharing this lovely walk. :) What is that in the photo that looks like an upright half a mill wheel? I love the individuality of the garden gates. Where I live, we cling beyond all reason to even the slightest of individual liberties, yet expect everyone to be more or less the same. If I were to build a stone wall around my yard and gate it with a weathered wooden door secured by wire and a stone, all hell would break loose! (Might be worth it though...oh, we are such a young society...)

chaiselongue said...

Hi mamawhatthe: I'm glad you enjoyed the walk! It is on old mill stone, from one of the disused water mills on the hillside.

Jan and Steve said...

It's lovely to see more of where you live and not just the garden, thank you.

VP said...

Hi thanks for your visit and comment on my 'Blogsworth' post it was much appreciated. I was so glad to see so many thoughtful and insightful comments.

I love your photos here, especially the tiny details you've picked up on. You came up with a very good way of celebrating buy nothing day.