Saturday, 18 April 2009

More wildflowers and a hint of summer / Encore de fleurs sauvages et un soupçon d'été

At the top of the hill above the gardens there is a capitelle, where the shepherds and and goatherds would have sheltered from the sun or rain, depending on the season.  Tumbling stone now, but still a shelter with a view!

Au sommet de la colline au-dessus des jardins il y a une capitelle, où les bergers et chevriers prennaient l'abri du soleil ou de la pluie, selon la saison.  Les murs tombent maintenant, mais ça reste un abri avec une belle vue.


Between the capitelle and the garden we found these flowers.  Please let me know in a comment if our identification of them is wrong, as we're not sure of all of them.

Entre la capitelle et le jardin on a trouvé cettes fleurs.

Pistacia lentiscus_1_1 Pistacia lentiscus - lentisc Lathyrus cicera - chickling vetch_1_1
Lathyrus cicera - chickling vetch
Linum bienne_1_1
Linum bienne - pale flax
salsify - Tragopogon porrifolius_1_1
Tragopogon porrifolius - salsify
Genista hirsuta_1_1
Ginesta hirsuta - broom

young lentisc with Spartium junceum in foreground_1_1 We think the branches in the background are young lentisc.  In the foreground are spikes of Spanish broom (Spartium junceum) about to flower.




tomato canes_1_1 In the garden, for me it's the start of summer when the tomato canes go up.  / Et dans le jardin il me semble que l'été commence quand les cannes sont là pour les tomates.


Jan said...

Lovely pictures of wild flowers, in fact I've saved some of them to help me identify ours!

Michelle said...

It's time for me to get my tomato bed ready, but today is too too hot.

Lovely wild flowers! And what a grand view the shepherds had.

Moving on up! said...

Beautiful picures of the wild flowers!