Friday, 3 December 2010

From a frosty garden

We’ve had a couple of very cold nights, below freezing with frost in the garden.  Not nearly as cold as further north, and no snow here at all, but it’s still been quite wintry.  There were a few olives left on our Lucque tree, that weren’t quite ripe when we picked the others, but they seem to have gone rather mushy as though they’ve been affected by the frost, although I’d be surprised at this since some varieties aren’t harvested until January and there are almost always freezing temperatures before then.

Red cabbages and cauliflowers
The artichoke plants will soon recover
IMGP3790 Lettuce, which will also recover, we hope. IMGP3791-1 This little radicchio plant looks completely unaffected by the cold.
IMGP3798 The frosted aubretia  leaves looked pretty in the sun. IMGP3799 The broad beans have been protected by the layer of bamboo leaves.
Frost melting on the palm leaves.
IMGP3802 Low sun sparkling through the fence.

And the building work goes on

IMGP3794 IMGP3805

Above right, two big machines and a lorry…. it’s very noisy in our garden now.  Above left, you can see how close the work is to the garden.


Jan said...

You've had more frost than we have, this morning's was our first and it wasn't very hard. It seems strange that we're both documenting changes for the worse in our immediate environment, but what else can we do!

Food, Fun and Life in the Charente said...

Wish we were only suffering from frost rather than inches of snow!! What happened to global warming! Diane

chaiselongue said...

@ Jan: it wasn't a very hard frost, and it was melting as soon as the sun reached it. The cold has killed off the pepper plants, though, as we expected.

easygardener said...

I find as I get older that any noise I can't control can become very irritating - so I can appreciate that heavy machinery and gardening don't mix!