Friday, 25 February 2011

Blossom on the apricot and other signs of spring

We arrived back yesterday evening from grey, cold Wales, although with a lot of happy family memories of our holiday, to find that we’d travelled back into spring.  People here warn that we may still have cold weather but today has been glorious with bright warm sunlight and the temperature up to 18 degrees C.

The apricot tree is covered in flower buds, some of which have begun to open.

IMGP6786 IMGP6791
IMGP6790 IMGP6788

More spring flowers

IMGP6783 IMGP6801 IMGP6804

Violets (left), aubretia just beginning to flower (centre) and daffodils (right).

And a salad for lunch


A mix of lettuce and spinach leaves picked this morning.


me said...

Our apricot tree looks like yours, although with colder weather forecast, we're hoping that the blossom stays on the tree!

orchis said...

Lucky you! My apricots have never flowered and I have recently learned it is because it doesn't get the winter chill it needs here on the Algarve.