Friday, 22 April 2011

Planting out the first tomatoes

IMGP8963 IMGP8965
We’ve planted out 12 Roma plants (left) and 18 Languedocian plants so far….many more still waiting.

IMGP8958 IMGP8971 IMGP8975

The cistus flowers (left) each last only a day before the petals fall, but there are plenty of buds in the garden and in the wild in the garrigue.  The irises last a bit longer – these (centre) are in our garden, but they’re often planted along the edges of vineyards too.  The orange poppy (right) is in the garden too, and all the rough patches of ground between the vineyards are covered with the flowers of the red, wild ones.


Food, Fun and Life in the Charente said...

I have had tomatoes planted for a couple of weeks but I live in dread of the frost we always seem to get in May!!! Diane

Codrina said...

Your garden with new tomatoes plants looks great.
Happy Easter!

Jan said...

If they've got some on the market today - if there is a market with it being Easter - we'll get some and get them planted.