Monday, 29 December 2008

Cold wet garden, tapas at home for my 100th post / Un jardin froid et les tapas chez nous

For nearly a week we've had grey skies. Today it's raining and sleeting. Usually here it's cold, but clear and bright at this time of the year. We haven't been able to do any work in the garden, although we did manage our traditional aperitif in the garden on Christmas day, with a brief moment of sunshine.

Pour presqu'une semaine il a fait gris. Aujourd'hui il pleut et un peu de neige fondue tombe de temps en temps. Comme d'habitude ici à cette saison il fait froid, mais clair. Nous n'avons pas pu faire aucun travail au jardin, mais on a pris l'apéritif au jardin le jour de Noel, pendant un petit moment de soleil.

olive leaf in rain1_1_1

It's strange to see olive leaves covered in rain / c'est bizzare de voir les feuilles d'olivier couvertes de pluie.

passion fruit in rain_1_1_1

Yesterday we went to Grau d'Agde and the sea was grey and rough. / Hier on est allé au Grau d'Agde et la mer était gris et agitée.

grau dagde1_1_1 grau dagde_1_1

Not the usual view of the Mediterranean!

At home in the evening we cheered ourselves up with a meal of tapas and North African pastries: / Chez nous le soir on s'est remonté le moral avec un repas de tapas et de patisseries maghrébines:

cheese and anchovy_1_1
sheep's cheese and anchovies
jamon-artichoke pintxos_1_1
cured ham and artichoke hearts
stuffed peppers_1_1 Spanish red peppers stuffed with potato and salt cod nafrican pastries_1_1
Almond, apricot, fig and walnut pastries.


Tyra in Vaxholm said...

Bonjour, Ca va? Congratulations to 100 posts! Well done. I see that you celebrate with a lot of goodies your tapas look really wonderful. Excellent food after all the traditional Christmas food.
LOLove Tyra

Michelle said...

Your tapas feast looks delicious! I love the colorful plates. Is the passion fruit growing in your garden? I have one that looks totally different - larger leaves and purple fruit.

Happy New Year! Hope the sun returns soon for you.

Jan and Steve said...

The tapas look really tasty! The weather here is wet - not what it should be!

chaiselongue said...

Thank you all for your comments.

The passion fruit is a different, ornamental, variety from the eating variety which you describe, Michelle. You can eat the one we have, but it doesn't taste all that good, so it's better to enjoy its decorative qualities.