Monday, 1 June 2009

A few notes on 1 June / Quelques notes le 1 juin

After a thunder storm and a lot of rain yesterday the garden looked good in the sun today.  / Après des orages et beaucoup de pluie hier, le jardin est beau aujourd'hui.


The dwarf haricot beans Purple King are flowering – lovely mauve and purple colours.

Les haricots nain Purple King fleurissent – des couleurs jolies mauve et violette.


And we ate the first courgettes of the season / et on a mangé les premières courgettes de la saison.

DSC06053 DSC06055
DSC06057 Straight from the plant, to the chopping board and onto the grill with some red onions which are beginning to bolt but taste delicious grilled whole like this.


Jan said...

They look very stripey! I'm looking forward to ours producing.

ilex said...

Those are gorgeous! I'm about three weeks behind you. The first courgettes are always such a delight. And as I slowly, inevitably grow sick of them, they get pickled for winter eating. The first pickled courgette in January is every bit as amazing as the first fresh one in June.