Sunday, 14 June 2009

Good or bad? / Bon ou mauvais?

I found these beetles on our Borlotti bean pods. They didn’t seem to be eating the beans. Does anyone know whether they’re good or bad?

Est-ce que vous savez si ces scarabées sont bons ou mauvais?


The bees are good, I know, and so is the lavender / les abeilles sont bonnes, je le sais, et aussie la lavande.

DSC06407 DSC06416

And the oleander flower are lovely, smell wonderful but the whole plant is deadly poisonous / Et les fleurs du laurier rose sont jolies, il sent très bon, mais le plant entier est vénéneux.

DSC06429 DSC06427


gintoino said...

I would say bad. They look a lot like the bugs that atack my cabbage during summer time. They don't eat the plants but they suck on them making them weaker. The oleanders are beautiful but poisonous, you know that, right?

chaiselongue said...

Thanks gintoino, maybe I'd better get rid of them. Yes, I did know that oleanders are poisonous - you'd hardly believe it would you? But I've heard they're deadly.

Stefaneener said...

All parts are deadly. Where I grew up they were practically indestructible -- which is why they festoon all of the dividers of California freeways, it sometimes seems.

I'd be very suspicious of the beetles, but keep looking for pictures to identify them. I couldn't find any.

Rowena... said...

Ok, blogger is giving me some trouble as I am not able to see any photos of the beetles, and when I click on the lavender to enlarge, they give me a blank page!

Will return to try again (I really want to see those beetles).

Michelle said...

The beetles are actually rather pretty, but I've never seen anything like them. Hope they're not baddies.

Laura said...

Hi Chaiselongue Those beetles are definately BAD sap suckers. I don't know the name of them, though I will ask around. I get an old coffee tin knock them off the plants (brassicas mostly) and burn them in the tin to get rid. either with my little flame torch I use for weed destroying or with a match and a little lighter fuel. SOunds a bit gross but it works a treat and no chemicals in the garden.