Wednesday, 26 August 2009

After the thunderstorm / Après l’orage


The sky above the garden this evening. /  Le ciel au-dessus du jardin ce soir.

We had thunderstorms yesterday and the night before, but not enough rain for the garden, and it hasn’t really cleared the air properly.  /  On a eu des orages hier et la veille, mais il n’a pas plu assez pour le jardin.

So this evening we had Campari sodas and then barbecued sardines while we watered. / Donc, ce soir on a pris des Camparis et puis des sardines grillées pendant qu’on arrosait.

DSC08282 DSC08290

The tomatoes are still ripening very slowly – last year in August we were picking at least 1 kilo a day, but today there were none ready to pick.  It’s very strange, since we have had so much sun.


Michelle said...

How disappointing in both respects, no rain and no tomatoes. At least you had a tasty treat of fresh sardines - love those.

Jan said...

Love the sardines, but not the Campari... although it might be ok with lemonade instead of soda!

Stefaneener said...

Yes, it seems as though you're in a strange holding pattern, weather- and garden-wise. Still, the grill looks lovely.

Weeping Sore said...

Those are some big ol sardines! I think of the tiny ones bent into cans and drenched with salty oil. When I was a kid, Dad used to make sandwiches of canned sardines on saltine crackers. Yours look more appetizing - especially with your sodas!