Monday, 15 March 2010

Garden bloggers’ bloom day

Apart from lichen and rust which I think look lovely in the spring sunlight …


….. we have apricot blossom just about to come out (several weeks late this year) …

DSC02216 DSC02218

… lone daffodil and one rather battered-looking anemone (also very late, although one anemone made the mistake of flowering in November!) …..

DSC02223 DSC02220

…. our neighbour’s almond blossom (cheating a bit, but we can see it over the fence) and the rosemary which has been flowering all winter, even when it was very cold….

DSC02242 DSC02228

That’s it for the flowers, but we’re still harvesting cabbages, salad leaves (lettuce, lamb’s lettuce and sorrel), as well as herbs (thyme, sage, rosemary, bay).

DSC02234 DSC02232

Garden bloggers’ bloom day is hosted by Carol at May Dreams Gardens.


Heiko said...

I just checked on what I was blogging on last year this time and found out that despite the fact that winter didn't really happen last year whilst this year was the coldest in decades, my almond trees started flowering on almost the same day and the peach flowers, like yours now, opened in the middle of the month as they are about to this year. The only real damage was a lemon tree I hadn't covered in time.

Didn't know it was bloom day, but was just about to post some pretty wild flower pics.

jo©o said...

This is the time when I think that maybe we ought to up sticks and go South :-)
Although I still think Wales is exotic :-)
Lichen I can do too, but blossoms are still a long way off.

impoftheyard said...

These look beautiful!

Stefaneener said...

The rosemary here has kept the bees very happy. I'm about to pull some thin spring honey. Wonder if it will have a rosemary hint. Mmmmm.

HappyMouffetard said...

A great photo of the lichen - it's as rich in colour as many flowers.

Jan said...

My daffodils are only just poking up through the earth, but the rosemary has been going most of the winter here too, and today I saw some deep magenta rosemary flowers!

Jane/MulchMaid said...

Gorgeous lichen and bark. I suppose it's blooming in its own way, anyway.
I think it's perfectly legitimate to include your neighbor's almond blossoms - they're part of your borrowed landscape. And it's probably just as well your apricot blossoms are not out: they might end up as battered as your spunky little anemone!

michelle said...

The rosemary has been blooming all winter here also, it starts not long after we get our first rains. The yellow lichen is as pretty as any flower.