Tuesday, 9 March 2010

Once in thirty years


There was more snow than this yesterday, but this is what was left this morning between the vines near the Chateau de Cassan on the way to Roujan.  It shouldn’t affect the vines as the spring growth hasn’t started yet.  It’s almost unheard of for there to be snow at all here, let alone in March, and it was heavy snow that settled and stayed for more than twenty-four hours.  Friends in the village say that it hasn’t snowed properly like this for thirty years.  Just when we thought spring was finally arriving, we now have freezing temperatures at night again, sunny days but still only about 3 or 4 degrees above freezing.  I don’t know how it’s going to affect the plants in the garden, especially the broad beans which were just starting to recover from the winter.

DSC02123 vineyards near the Chateau de Cassan ….. DSC02125
DSC02129 DSC02131
and the view towards the hills, from near the garden.



It is still March, though, and the almond blossom on our neighbour’s tree is coming out, better late than never.  I was glad to see that the blossom on our apricot tree hadn’t come out yet – it’s better for it to wait a few more days for warmer weather, I think.


sleepyduck said...

Amazing that you still have snow there. Here's hoping for a fine summer...

Heiko said...

In 5 of our 6 winters we've so far been on the Italian Riviera, March has thrown the coldest weather of the winter at us. Last winter was the exception. It was more unusual for us to have snow in December. There are a few horizontal snow flakes floating by our window, but luckily none settling.

Jan said...

We still have a little snow left here from Sunday nights fall, and it's so cold that it's not going to disappear very fast.

michelle said...

Lucky for you the apricots aren't blooming yet, they wouldn't have liked the cold. I hope you garden isn't set back by the snow. Stay warm!

syrahsuzie said...

I'm worried about the almond flowers as we love green almonds.

It snowed like this in our first winter in Carcassonne in 1993. We were renting a 'summer' gîte with a whole wall of patio doors! We spent 4 days huddled up in bed with the little ones trying to keep warm, when we weren't outside building snowmen and messing about in the snow!!

The South of France doesn't do snow very well!

Stefaneener said...

The weather has been crazy everywhere. It's really pretty.

Jon Storey said...

I love the top shot!

I read about the snow in Spain at the weekend, I didn't realise that you had some too.

Our snow has gone to be replaced by sunny days and frosty nights. Very pleasant but I do miss the snow.

I have some trees to plant but they will have to wait a few more days.

Weeping Sore said...

There's something magical about snow, even if it's short-lived. There's also something different blowing this year. We're probably all seeing unseasonal things. Since I coincidentally enjoyed a sweet ice-wine from Germany the other day (with some amazing chocolate) I wonder if your snow will change the harvest, even though the grapes aren't even making green leaves yet. Hope it's a good year either way.

impoftheyard said...

This has been our coldest and snowiest winter in many years. Lovely set of shots showing the snow.