Tuesday, 18 May 2010

Rough drafts and changing plans


We’ve almost followed the rough sketch I made a few months ago for this year’s garden, but we’ve made some changes, as you can see from the scribbles I’ve made, when plants were ready before their allotted plots had been prepared.  Almost all our vegetables are planted out and growing now.  We seemed to have no space for the chilli pepper plants, but managed to squeeze a few in here and there.  Some of the tomato plants have been blown about a bit by the wind, but they’ll recover.

Is summer coming at last?

The weather is warming up – I think I’ve said this before only to see the temperatures drop and the rain start again, but this time I think it’s real.  The garden will need watering from now until September, daily for most of that time, but there will be heat to make things grow.


I do like to see shade because it means there’s bright sunlight too, and I liked the shadows of these railings as I walked to the garden this morning.

DSC03671 DSC03674

The irises and the roses looked good in the sunshine too.


Jon Storey said...

Plans are always exciting! I love the shot of the railings, oh and the irises too.

But roses! I am so envious, my favourites.

Gaia's Hope said...

I am not so sure if summer comming. Here it's like autumn the last 4 days and as I read from other bloggers at Amsterdam and Bulgaria have more cold than here.

I hope for a summer with many rains like the summer we had last year
I can't watering my garden
Meditettanenan gardens are in love with rain

michelle said...

How nice to hear that you're going to be enjoying some real summer weather now, I'm a bit envious. We've been having our first taste of what the locals call "June Gloom". The coast will be very foggy for the next couple of months which means morning and evening fog and breezy days where I'm at. Some days that fog doesn't retreat to the coast or only leaves for a few hours. We do get some warm days, but consistently warm weather won't come until the end of "summer".

. . . Lisa and Robb . . . said...

I love that shadow.

Stefaneener said...

I'm with Michelle. One of the stories I read about the weather just said that winter is having a hard time letting go. Glad you're getting some summer.

Those plans look like a real gardener's to me!

impoftheyard said...

Love the shadows shot. It's kind of grey here today but the weather's not been too bad this week.

Jan said...

Yes, I too feel that this is proper summer now, it has a different feel about it. And we've actually stopped having the fire lit in the evenings... ooh I hope that hasn't jinxed the warmth!

Rowena... said...

Here's to warm weather that will stay! I kicked the tomato plants out of the house - some ended up in the coldframe and area already pushing to get out. The other I put directly into the ground, protected them with a poly-tunnel and hoped for the best. I think they'll pull through the shock but if not, the boys in the coldframe will gladly take their places!

Heiko said...

It certainly finally feels like May. Fingers crossed. I can't do plans to save my life. I always find things grow bigger than expected, more or fewer seeds sprouted than expected. So things just get put somewhere, where there's room when they are ready.

MulchMaid said...

I'm impressed at your record-keeping - and then recording your revisions!
We would dearly love a bit of summer her. It's been most unseasonably cool and wet for the past three weeks. My newly planted arbequina olive is bravely holding on, but I can feel it searching for more sun.
Next week begins the Portland Rose Festival - it's just about guaranteed to bring on rain!