Sunday, 16 May 2010

Artichokes at last!

DSC03653 DSC03654
DSC03652 DSC03657

I thought we weren’t going to get any at all this year, the plants were so badly affected by the cold weather in late winter/early spring, but today I picked these two small ones.  As you can see in the photo (bottom right) they have no choke, so I just cut them in half and cooked them in olive oil and white wine, with some whole sweet onions.

Four photos of two tiny artichokes may seem a bit excessive, but I’m so pleased the plants have survived and these may be the only ones we get this year!


Gaia's Hope said...

No it's not seem a bit excessive, don't afraid :)

When we have many of something, some times it's not so important as something we have in small quantities

They look great!

. . . Lisa and Robb . . . said...

Looks delicious! My stepmother grows wondeful artichokes in Lorgues.

Jon Storey said...

They will taste all the better when you thing they be the sole crop!

Do you know that I have never eaten globe artichokes, Jerusalem yes, and delicious too. I must try them sometime but preferably fresh from the garden.

michelle said...

Those are gorgeous artichokes, you picked them at the height of perfection. I hope there's a surprise second crop.

Jan said...

They're so pretty! I think one of our plants has something hard and dark in the middle, so I'm hoping it's not a huge blackfly!

Stefaneener said...

They look fantastic. I keep getting small ones. Perhaps it's time to plant a "globe" variety.

impoftheyard said...

These look lovely. I have rarely tasted fresh artichoke as they're not easy to find here but I do love them.