Saturday, 12 June 2010

After a rainy week…

Weeds around a mazet (vineyard shelter) near Roquessels:

DSC04104 DSC04108

Cucumbers and aubergines flowering and beans reaching the tops of their poles:

DSC04121-1 DSC04130 DSC04124

The tomato plants growing well, flowering and bearing small tomatoes.  All they need is some sun now. On the left are the Coeur de boeuf tomatoes, on the right the Roma plants.  We leave the side shoots to grow on the Romas because they seem to do well as bushy, short plants supported by horizontal canes along the sides of the rows.

DSC04125 DSC04128

The apricot tree (left) looks healthy with a lot of new growth, even though there is only one apricot on it, and there are apples on the apple tree.

DSC04135 DSC04138

The oleanders are a bit weighed down by the rain, but both the pink and the red are flowering.

DSC04132 DSC04134


Jan said...

I'm glad you've at least got one apricot! I leave nearly all the side shoots on the tomatoes, as it helps them all jam together against the wind. I'm still waiting for our oleanders, just tiny buds as yet.

Jon Storey said...

I love the Oleanders, I used to see lots in Slovenia all those years ago and your pictures bring back some happy memories.