Thursday, 24 June 2010

Garlic, aubergines, tomatoes …. summer’s here!

DSC04397 DSC04406

I’ve plaited most of this year’s garlic into tresses for storing (and our neighbour reminded me that it still needs to be stored upside down, not hanging as in this photo), although since we eat quite a bit of garlic this won’t last long.  My plaiting needs a bit more practice before the tresses look anything like as pretty as the ones made to sell to tourists!

DSC04384 DSC04387 DSC04379

Good insects and bad on the aubergines – we left the ladybird but killed the nasty looking shield beetle which was eating the leaves.

DSC04402 DSC04393 DSC04391

From left to right, Coeur de boeuf, ananas and longues des Andes tomatoes, all growing well but nowhere near ripening yet.


Jon Storey said...

The crops are looking good.

maggie said...

I didn't know garlic is supposed to be stored upside down. Why are you supposed to do it that way?

chaiselongue said...

Maggie: it's so that the stems dry out downwards and any dampness doesn't stay in the bulbs.

michelle said...

I didn't know about the upside down thing with garlic either. I was too lazy to figure out how to braid my garlic, I used to know but have forgotten, so I just tied it into a braid-like bundle. Now I'll go out and turn them upside down!

I just noticed the first eggplant so set, it's still quite tiny, the first harvest is a long way off still. The weather has been rather cool lately and the garden seems to have slowed down.

Jan said...

My plaiting leaves a lot to be desired and I keep expecting onions to fall down! I didn't know about the upside down thing, but we haven't got very much garlic.

brian_in_gib said...

wow, those are good looking tomatoes! And that garlic looks spot on too. I like purple skin on the cloves, not this supermarket white stuff.
Glad you liked the clam recipe.
Greetings from Gibraltar,

mo said...

It's all looking good.....apart from the shield beetle of course!