Sunday, 4 July 2010

Lunch in the garden while the tomatoes ripen ….

It was too hot to do much apart from water and eat lunch in the garden today – up to 35 degrees C.

DSC04774 Cucumber, Longues des Landes peppers, arbequina olives and Catalan fuet DSC04777
Grilled courgettes and aubergine
DSC04824 Goats’ cheese from Mas Rolland with thyme and olive oil

Some of our Languedocienne tomatoes are showing signs of ripening.

DSC04753 DSC04756

A swallowtail butterfly

DSC04782 DSC04785 DSC04787
DSC04793 DSC04795
It was hard to photograph as it flitted from one lavender flower to another.


A conversation about a locust

DSC04828 Chaiselongue: There’s a locust – I’m going to photograph it and then I want you to kill it.
Click, click.
Lo Jardinièr: It’s only a small one….
Chaiselongue: And how do you think they get bigger?
Lo Jardinièr: By eating our aubergine plants.
Chaiselongue: Exactly.
I’m so glad he can kill them, as I don’t like doing it – they’re very crunchy!


Meredehuit ♥ said...


Meredehuit ♥ said...


Jon Storey said...

Lunch looks delicious, especially the goats cheese!

I didn't appreciate that locusts were so common in Southern Europe, this is the second blog mention in the last few days.

sleepyduck said...

Delicious indeed. Lunch. Not the locust.

Weeping Sore said...

My distaste for "bug" reminds me that I still garden like a little girl. And you win on the first tomato harvest. I can't resist eating them.
You photo of the goat cheese with oil and herbs is a masterpiece. You must enlarge it to poster size and frame it! The lattice of sun and shade perfectly captures both the sight and the smell and the taste.

Jan said...

They're rather scarey when they're fully grown and close to you. I've only killed one and it took some doing even with a rock!