Tuesday, 6 July 2010

Nearly there ….


The sea is warming up and we swam at Portiragnes-plage today.


I think this Languedocienne tomato will be the winner.  Will it be ready to pick tomorrow, or the day after ….?

DSC04868 DSC04870 DSC04892

Our one Kandil dolma pepper plant (the others didn’t germinate) has five good-sized peppers on it.  We picked our first Bari cucumber (from seeds given to us by Kate at Vegetable Vagabond and that came to us via Australia and south-western France from Bari in Italy).  It was wonderfully crisp and crunchy.  There are lots more coming and we’re looking forward to them.


Heiko said...

We've had trouble germinating our capsicums too in this cool spring. Had our first tomato today, a large grape tomato volunteer. Cucumbers looking good!

Kate said...

yippee! I am so glad about the Bari cucumbers and they are extraordinarily crisp and wonderful, as you said. Did I tell you what the man from Bari said?Prick off the tips at 30cm, shade from very hot afternoon sun, leave the first cucumber of each plant to form seeds (as evidently they take a long time to mature).
Bon appetit!

Jan said...

It's all looking good! I picked the first of our peppers yesterday and they went into the picnic salad we took to the beach. I meant to take a photo of them, but forgot!

beste said...

hi there do you knoz that kandil dolma is the turkish words and the pepper is mostly common in turkey for stuffed them. It is very difficult to find them in France. such a great surprize for me:) salut

chaiselongue said...

beste: yes, I did know that Kandil dolma was a Turkish variety for stuffing. I got the seeds from Kokopelli which has a lot of unusual varieties.

Kokopelli is under constant attack from the big seed companies which don't like it that they sell rare and organic varieties.

chaiselongue said...

And, beste: it's good to find a Turkish blog in France. But I'm afraid my Turkish isn't very good.... I lived there over 40 years ago and only remember a few words.

vrtlarica said...

I love your first picture! Can’t wait for the first swim of the season!

beste said...

great to know because i check kokopelli catolog with a guy from kokopelli and we couldnt find it! Now i knom the name to search. thx