Sunday, 15 August 2010



This weekend 18.6 kilos of Roma tomatoes (and some aubergines) became ….


22 jars of tomato puree and 3 jars of aubergine pickle.

The pumpkins keep on growing …

DSC04962 DSC05660

from small (just over a month ago) to large and ripening – what a transformation!


DSC05650 DSC05662

The grapes are ripening, too.  These are in a vineyard at nearby Roquessels where we went to buy our favourite wine from the Domaine d’Estève.  Behind the sunflower, the olives are visible – a good crop even on this tree which I pruned quite hard in January.

Although it’s still summer, with temperatures of up to 30 degrees C during the day, there is a noticeable change in the weather from mid-August – cooler in the evenings, and the sun is lower.  There are plenty of good things to look forward to in autumn and winter, though.

Another mussel dish



We’ve missed eating mussels while we were away so as soon as the van arrived from Bouzigues on Saturday morning we bought some and ate them with pasta and a glass of rosé wine.  We cooked the mussels in wine and then shelled most of them and added fried lardons, garlic, olive oil, chopped fresh tomatoes and basil leaves.


Stefaneener said...

So lovely. I have hopes for ripe tomatoes. Your garden stuff is really coming on. While I love the light in the evenings, I mourn the shortening days.

Anonymous said...

Lovely tomato harvest! How many liters (or kg) did you get from 18.6 kg of tomatoes? I usually get about 4 liters from 10 kg (but it's tomato sauce, not a puree).

Jan said...

That's a lot of canning tomatoes, but I suppose you've been away for a while so there are bound to be loads! We've got too many salad tomatoes, so they go into my sauce too!

mo said...

mouthwatering.....drool, drool!!

michelle said...

Oh those tomatoes look so good! And now you're all set for winter tomato sauces. I'll be relying mostly on last year's bounty that is still in the freezer. The pumpkin and grapes and sunflower are beautiful. It looks so sunny and warm there. We are just finally getting something that resembles the season that the calendar claims it to be.

Weeping Sore said...

Your tomatoes and eggplants look delicious. We lost our grapes about a year ago - lack of water, so I miss seeing pictures of purple grapes. I miss eating them even more. This is the gardener's season of plenty.