Thursday, 6 January 2011

Cold harvest and warming onion soup

There isn’t much to harvest in the garden at the moment.  There will be more cauliflowers soon, and there are red and green cabbage leaves, but the chard and spinach seem to be waiting for longer days to produce new leaves.  All through the winter, though, we have lettuces and we picked one today:


This will make a couple of good salads for us, with grilled goats’ cheese on toast, une salade de chèvre chaud, or with charcuterie.

Today we felt like something more warming, and Lo Jardinièr made this onion soup, cooking the onions in olive oil for over an hour so that they tasted really sweet and adding home-made chicken stock.

IMGP5050 IMGP5053

With a garnish of chopped parsley and garlic and accompanied by Aveyronnais bread and rustic paté with mushrooms, it made a delicious lunch on a cold, grey day.


impoftheyard said...

As ever, this food looks great! Hope your year has started well x

michelle said...

It looks like Lo Jardinièr came up with a winner of a warming soup. I wish I had gotten around to planting lettuce last fall, I've had to buy all my salad greens lately.

Eliza @ Appalachian Feet said...

Your blog makes me so hungry! Also, I wish I had winter polytunnels this year so I could be harvesting lettuce like yours. I had them in the previous 2 seasons but didn't bother this time since I'll be moving before spring.

Stefaneener said...

That soup looks like a great reward for patience. Maybe I'll have some like it tonight. I've been craving onions, and your post doesn't help.