Thursday, 20 January 2011

Mountains, a small bird and soup from a giant pumpkin


We had a good view of the Pyrenees from the hill between here and Magalas this morning.  They are about 150 kilometres away and not always visible if the air isn’t really clear.  When they appear, it’s always a shock to see how huge they are.  There doesn’t seem to be much snow on the mountains at the moment.

Walking around the village this morning I saw this small bird on a climbing rose and have since identified it as a Goldcrest.  The crest is clearly visible in the pictures, top and bottom right, below.

IMGP5711 IMGP5715
IMGP5716 IMGP5717

And spicy pumpkin soup

IMGP5703-1 IMGP5707

This is the biggest of the pumpkins we grew last season.  It was too big to go on the scales but we think it must have weighed about 15 kilos.  Lo Jardinièr made a wonderful spicy soup with part of it, for lunch today.  The recipe is on the Mediterranean cuisine blog.


michelle said...

So many beauties to admire in your post today! The view on a gorgeous day, a sweet little bird, and such a magnificent pumpkin. That bird reminds me of a little bird that I see occasionally called a Ruby Crested Kinglet, it has a little red crest on top of its head that it can raise to show it off. The soup looks delicious, funny how I was just thinking that I need to use another of my pumpkins and soup came to mind...

Kerry Hand said...

Love those far mountains. I especially love seeing mountains at a great distance. And to travel towards them, seeing them get bigger over some hours is just magic.
I have some great mountain photo on the field of gold blog - "Mountain Ranges"

Eliza @ Appalachian Feet said...

Sounds delicious! I often find winter squash too sweet and it seems like some spice would cut that perfectly.