Sunday, 25 January 2009

After the storm / après la tempête

The storm which rushed across southern France and northern Spain, from the Atlantic to the Mediterranean, yesterday was the worst for ten years, with winds of up to 150 kilometres per hour. We were warned to stay indoors and high-sided vehicles were forbidden from using the roads. Sadly, at least 15 people were killed during the storm, by falling trees and buildings, including four children in the Catalan town of Sant Boi Llobregat.

La tempête qui a fait rage à travers le sud de la France et le nord de l'Espagne, de l'Atlantique à la Mediterrannée. hier éatit la plus forte pour dix ans, avec des rafales de vent de 150 kilometre par heure. On nous a conseillé de rester chez nous et les grands camions étaient interdits sur les routes. Malheureusement, au moins 15 personnes ont étés tuées pendant la tempête, y compris quatre enfants à Sant Boi Llobregat en Catalogne.

Although Gabian was only just outside the red alert zone, we were lucky here and suffered little damage. When we went to the garden this morning we were surprised to find it just as we left it before the storm. It was a beautiful, calm, clear day - hard to believe what the weather had been like only 24 hours earlier!

Bien que Gabian soit juste dehors du zone d'alerte rouge, on avait de la chance ici, et il y avait peu de dommage. Quand nous sommes allées au jardin ce matin, nous étions étonnés de trouver tous comme avant la tempête.

shelter _ passion fruit_1_1 passion fruit_1_1

The passion fruits were still ripening on our shelter. We had worried that this shelter might have been damaged by the wind, but luckily the whole garden is sheltered from the north and north-west (the direction of the storm) by trees and 4-metre high bamboo.

Some of the palm leaf fronds had been woven together by the wind:

woven palm leaves_1_1_1

rosemary flowers_1_1 garden plan_1_1

The rosemary was flowering and we sat in the sun making plans for the coming seasons in the garden.

Le romarin fleurait et nous avons passé du temps assis au soleil en faisant des projets pour les saisons qui viennent.


gintoino said...

I just eared it on the news. It sounded terrible.
I'm glad you and your garden suffered no harm

easygardener said...

The weather is a constant surprise. Some of us never experience extremes - but we should never take it for granted wherever we live.
"Sitting in the sun" - I'm envious.

Michelle said...

Your terrible storm even made the news here in California. So glad for you that you made it through without damage.

The passion fruit looks wonderful. Do you know what variety it is?

catalangardener said...

Glad the storm didn't 'get' you! Am v jealous of your passionfruit ours tries but only in a 'very small fruit' kind of way.

chaiselongue said...

Thanks to all for your comments.
Michelle and catalangardener: the passion fruit is not an eating variety - just for decoration but they are pretty. You can eat them but they don't taste of much!

Campo Girls & Hoes said...


We are located in Malaga, Southern Spain, we heard the news about the storm coming, knew we would be OK because we are in the South, however, we had lots of bad wind the day before, nothing like we had ever experienced here before

Glad you are all OK, take care and speak soon


Jan and Steve said...

I'm glad you didn't suffer any damage from the storm, you're lucky that you have a sheltered garden! Sitting in the sun.. ooh that would be nice if it weren't too cold here.

MaryAthenes said...

Je suis contente que vous n'ayez pas eu de degats !