Thursday, 1 January 2009

Happy new year! / Bonne année

Best wishes for a happy and peaceful 2009 to all.

2009 2_2_1

olives and artichoke (leaves) / olives et feuilles d'artichaut

Happy new year! / Blwyddyn newydd dda! /

Bonne année / Bon an!

Some hopeful new year signs in the garden today: sunshine at lunchtime, the garlic, broad beans and peas growing well, a salad picked and eaten straight from the garden.

Des signes d'espoir au jardin aujourd'hui: le soleil à midi, l'ail, les fèves et les petits pois poussent bien, une salade ramassée pour manger en directe du jardin.

new year garden_1_1_1


09 salad_1_1

lettuce, spinach, rocket, parsley, mizuna and sorrel picked for a lunchtime salad - the thermometer registered only 13 degrees C but it was warm enough in the sun to have lunch outside.


easygardener said...

I like the olives :-)
We are just above freezing here so not many salad leaves about - and the ones under cloches are refusing to grow.Roll on Spring!
Happy New Year to you too.

MaryAthenes said...

Mes meilleurs voeux pour une tres bonne annee !

CityGarden said...

Happy New Year!

Maggie said...

Happy New Year from the Hills and Plains Seedsavers group.
We are having a lovely mild summer so far.
The tomatoes, cucumbers, passion fruit and grapes are ripening on the vines.
The basil has not bolted, the sun is shining the birds are singing, life is good.
Happy New Year we look forward to reading your blog this tear.