Thursday, 10 March 2011

First lizard and a trip to the goat farm

It was a beautiful spring morning after a cold night, around freezing temperature at dawn but up to about 20 C by midday, perfect for our trip to Mas Rolland to fetch a trailer-load of goat manure.

IMGP7323 IMGP7338

The vineyards and the garrigue-covered hillsides looked beautiful in the sunlight and when we got to the garden there were lizards sunning themselves on the wall by the path.  Several of them scuttled under stones as I approached, but I managed to catch this one in time.

IMGP7353 IMGP7355

There’s nothing quite like goat manure for the garden.  We’ll be using this to improve the soil in the beds where we’ll be growing peppers and tomatoes this summer.

IMGP7343 IMGP7352

The apricot tree is still blossoming and the flowers were attracting a lot of bees – a good sign for this year’s fruit.

IMGP7340 IMGP7360 IMGP7363

Daffodils, aubretia and jasmine are flowering, and there are a lot more jasmine buds still about to open.

Home to a good lunch….

IMGP7373Lettuce and wild rocket from the garden, sobresada and peppered sausage brought for us

from the Spanish border by our neighbour, chorizo and jambon cru from Lacaune.


Food, Fun and Life in the Charente said...

It certainly looks like spring has arrived there and it is good to know the lizards are out and about.
Can I join you for lunch :) Diane

Christina said...

I love all the fruit tree blossoms, but to me, the apricots are the prettiest. They have those deep red jackets that hold the rounded white petals. So beautiful.

Carola said...

Lovey blossoms and spicy lunch, what a beautiful space you have!
Greetings from Uruguay.