Wednesday, 2 March 2011

Red cabbage

I saw bigger red cabbages for sale in the market this morning, but we’re quite proud of this one because it came from our garden. There are several more ready to eat.

IMGP4356 From the garden….

to the kitchen….

to the cooking pot with onions, ground cumin and a little vinegar….

IMGP7031 to the plate. It went very well with Lacaune sausage from the market.


John'aLee said...

Oh that looks divine!

michelle said...

Beautiful cabbage and a delicious looking meal!

me said...

They're always all ready at once, but I suppose you can always bottle red cabbage. The meal looks nice!

Kate said...

This must be one of the few things that you are picking in the northern hemisphere at the same time as I am picking here in the southern.