Thursday, 15 October 2009

Garden bloggers’ bloom day

I haven’t participated in this for a few months, but this morning I noticed how many flowers are out in the garden at this time:

Salvia, and close-up right …
DSC09370 Lantana DSC09372
A Himalayan plant - Ceratostigma griffithii - thanks Yvonne!
DSC09374 Savory DSC09375 Wild rocket
DSC09377 DSC09395 Dahlias, red and pink
DSC09393 DSC09382 Osteospermum
DSC09383 Morning glory … DSC09384

and another one clashing with the cotoneaster berries
DSC09387 Rosemary DSC09391 Lantana
DSC09399 A vegetable garden failure – radicchio flowers DSC09401 and late flowering passion – the last passiflora flower, I think, for this year.

Garden bloggers’ bloom day is hosted by Carol at May Dreams Gardens.


Yvonne said...

I think that the Himalayan plant whose name you have forgotten might be Ceratostigma - it is blooming (a bit) for me today too! Happy gardening.

chaiselongue said...

Yvonne: Thanks, yes that's it!

Jan said...

They're beautiful. I've never participated in Gardeners Bloom day, so I'm off to have a look if there's anything there now!

Jane said...

I love that you have so many herbs in bloom. I also have a few rosemary blooms now: most unexpected at this time of year in the Pacific Northwest of the USA.

Like yours, our rains have returned, but I think it will result in many more flowers for you than for us!

Carol said...

Lovely blooms and the light is just perfect ... a glowing wash.

noel said...


you have alot of beautiful blooms coming from your garden today amazing to have dahlias already coming out this early for a mediterranean garden...france must be amazing now!