Wednesday, 7 October 2009

Why won’t it rain? / Pour quoi il ne pleut pas?


The sky over the garden this morning, but still no rain.  /  Le ciel au-dessus du jardin ce matin, mais il ne pleut pas.

We’re still having to water the aubergines, peppers, lettuces and haricot beans.  /  Il faut arroser encore les aubergines, les poivrons, les salades et les haricots verts.

The olives are ripening well, though.  /  Les olives mûrissent bien, quand mème.

DSC09213 DSC09219 DSC09228

And the failure corner /  Et le coin des échecs


Maybe these ‘courgettes’ will do for seed!  /   Peut être ces 'courgettes' seront bonnes pour les semences!


impoftheyard said...

What a size! Can't they be cooked too - maybe in a soup or something. I've never grown vegetables so I ask this in complete ignorance. Hope you get rain soon. We have more than enough of it alas!

easygardener said...

I'll send you over a bucketful (or 10). I must admit if my courgettes reach that size I compost them - too disheartening to deal with :-)

Stefaneener said...

They're too big to eat unless you split, hollow, and stuff them. And why bother? Surely there are some chickens about who would enjoy them greatly?

chaiselongue said...

Thanks to all for your comments. Yes, the overgrown courgettes could be eaten, but we have plenty of better, smaller ones. I think it's best to take the seeds out to save for next year and, as Stefaneeener suggests, give the rest to someone who keeps chickens.

Jane said...

One other thought: I grate and freeze the non-seeded part of large courgettes, then use them in fritatas and quick breads (think carrot cake, but with courgettes.)

Ours have given up the ghost here in Portland, Oregon (USA), along with the tomatoes. We still have basil until there's a frost!

Jan said...

I don't like to tell you, but we've had more rain. Only a bit mind you, not torrential, but some. Good luck to you with getting some!