Tuesday, 13 October 2009

Weekend treats / Les plaisirs du weekend


La Jardinièra brought us some ceps she’d bought in the Halles Victor Hugo in Toulouse – lovely, earthy and wood-smelling, we cooked them in olive oil and butter and added chopped garlic and parsley. They were wonderful.

La Jardinièra nous a amené des ceps qu'elle avait acheté aux Halles Victor Hugo à Toulouse – ils sentaient du bois et de la terre. Nous les avons cuits à l’huile d’olive et puis nous avons ajouté de l’ail haché et du persil. Delicieux!

DSC09279 DSC09282

Shellfish at Bouzigues / Le coquillage à Bouzigues

DSC09313 DSC09311

Sunday lunch / le dîner de dimanche

plateau de fruits de mer

moules gratinées


And, back home, we found that we’ve managed to grow some parsnips for the first time! They were lovely roasted whole in olive oil.

DSC09319Les panais – ils sont bons rotis à l’huile d’olive.


flowrgirl1 said...


Jan said...

I'm glad your parsnips turned out as well as mine! We ate some more on Sunday too, and they were huge although not at all woody... which was a miracle!

sleepyduck said...

Mmm... they all look SO good...

impoftheyard said...

I'm salivating! Parsnips are best roasted.

HappyMouffetard said...

Lovely. Glad you managed to grow some parsnips. Don't the French believe that they are cattle food rather than a gorgeous winter veg, or is that just an urban myth I've picked up from somewhere?

Michelle said...

It all looks so lovely! Mmm, cepes, I can almost taste them...

Carol said...

You certainly know how to live... all looks so delicious! Especially the fruits of the sea! Yummy! Carol