Sunday, 20 December 2009

After the freeze

DSC00631 DSC00670 DSC00675

We’ve had some very cold nights with temperatures down to minus 3 C on the balcony and, apparently, minus 6 C in the countryside around the village. Even during the days and in the sunshine there have been icicles on the fountains.

DSC00657 DSC00659 DSC00660

In the garden, the artichoke leaves (above, left) have been affected but they should recover, the habas and the second sowing of broad beans (centre) look completely unaffected while the first sowing of broad beans (right), plants which had grown to around 30 cm tall, have flopped a bit but should recover.


We’ve had bright, clear sunlit days with a cold north wind turning up the lovely silvery undersides of the olive leaves.

Milder weather is forecast for the coming week, so we’re hoping to be able to have our traditional apéritifs in the garden at midday on the 25th. Our only worry is that Eurostar get their trains going again so that our family can get here!


mo said...

I've just heard on the early morning news that Eurostar is cancelled for a third day while they try out new snow have to wonder why, if they had them available to fit,they didn't actually do the job earlier.....y'know, before the winter maybe? Here's wishing you and your family a Christmas before the spring!

sleepyduck said...

I'm glad they all survived the cold snap. Fingers crossed for Eurostar!

Michelle said...

Brrr, you are having a real cold snap! I hope they get the chunnel open in time for your family to come visit.

Happy winter soltice!

Stefaneener said...

Good luck for your get-together!

Warm wishes for the holiday.

Jan said...

Your post has just reminded me that I took some photos of our vegetables yesterday, and haven't done anything with them yet. I've still got my fingers crossed for your family.

Carol said...

Lovely photos ... I did not know it got so cold there. Good luck with having your family arrive on time and hope you can be out in your garden for aperitifs on Christmas! Happy Holidays! Carol

Jon Storey said...

Now, what is it about the thought of "aperitifs in the garden...on the 25th" that gets me turning just a little bit green?

Have a wonderful time with the family, best wishes.

ps. As I write this, the trains are virtually back to normal.

HappyMouffetard said...

Wow - aperatifs in the garden on Christmas Day, how wonderful. Fingers crossed that your family arrive on time.

easygardener said...

I hope your family managed to get across to you. Eurostar is brilliant as long as it works!
Have a lovely Christmas - see you in 2010.