Tuesday, 1 December 2009

Suddenly, it’s winter

The north wind was blowing today, dry and cold, fraying the clouds as they came down from the mountains. It really felt like December.

DSC00307 DSC00310
DSC00311 DSC00320

The air was clear and from the hill near the gardens we could see the sun highlighting the edges of the roof tiles on the houses in the village.

I’ve found a photo of our first olive tree when we planted it in 2004. It’s much bigger now, even after its recent pruning.

olive October 2004
DSC00126 November 2009


mo said...

But at least you got blue skies! We had our first 'proper' frost this morning (there's maybe been others....but not by the time I've been up and about!).....definitely glove weather!

impoftheyard said...

It's lovely to see the growth on your olive tree. The sky in the second shot here is really beautiful. These are all love shots but that one is my favourite.

sleepyduck said...

Winter here too. That tree is making fine progress - it's good to see the comparison :-)

Jon Storey said...

Lovely shots. Your winter is looking a little more appetising than ours so far. It took ages to de-ice that cars yesterday morning, doors and locks frozen solid!

Mr Nobody has pinched my gloves!!

Heiko said...

Winter must be arriving any day here as well then. There was some frost up on the olive grove, but that's inland from us and higher up. Been picking more olives though in glorious sunshine and reasonable temperatures. Tomorrow we're off to the mill! I stripped down to my T-shirt while working!

Stefaneener said...

Yes, our weather has just discovered the calendar. I'm hoping to see a blue sky soon -- it's gray and cold.

Jan said...

Winter's here too, although today's been considerably better than the last few days have been, and 11 deg instead of 3!