Wednesday, 9 December 2009

More olives, and lunch from the market

The Lucque variety of olives ripens later than some of the other varieties, so we’ve been waiting for our first crop from this small tree which we planted less than four years ago. At last its fruits are almost all black and we’ve harvested them …


I know that people with older, more productive olive trees find this amusing, so do I, but of course I did count them and we have 35 (olives that is not kilos!) so we won’t be taking them to the mill this year! I’m going to try a way of curing them quickly in salt so that we can eat them at
Christmastime. More on this in a few days’ time.

Market day and lunch

The market was busy today, with everyone out enjoying a mild sunny day. We bought some ingredients for a very good lunch:

Salad with black pudding (boudin noir)


with salad leaves from the garden and slices of black pudding fried in olive oil, a glass of red wine and some bread.



Mackerel floured and fried in olive oil with chipped potatoes and garlic.

Cheese and fruit


Mont St Pierre cheese from Lacaune with Lo Jardinièr’s green tomato jam.

Little tasty clementines from Corsica.



sleepyduck said...

The olives look great... and lunch looks even better!

mo said...

35 olives.....that's 17 and a half each....not bad ;-) Lunch sounds VERY nice and the vista is stunning!

Heiko said...

They look lovely your ... hmpf (suppressed laughter) 35... hmmmpf (more suppressed laughter) olives. No really, they do. Gives you something to look forward to. Lunch sounds great, must pop by some time. You are making me hungry!

Carol said...

Your lunches always look so aesthetic and yummy! I should add healthy to that. Lovely post.

Jan said...

I like the new header photograph! And we must try black pudding with salad, it wouldn't have occurred to me!