Wednesday, 10 September 2008

Garden wildlife / la faune du jardin

Today we found ourselves sharing the garden with a lizard looking for the sun:

Aujourd'hui on partageait le jardin avec un lézard qui cherchait le soleil:

and a strange flying grasshopper (maybe a cricket?) which was lunching on our vine leaves:

et une bizarre sauterelle volante (un criquet peut-être?) qui mangeait nos feuilles de vigne:

and the chilli peppers / et les piments de cayenne:


Titania said...

It is always of interest and fun to have and observe wild things in the garden. The chilli peppers look so good on this blue.

chaiselongue said...

Drew, my friend in Navarra, sent me the following comment about the grasshopper picture:

It couldn't be a cricket in the photo. Crickets have antennae longer than their bodies. Grasshoppers have antennae shorter than their bodies so it probably is a member of the Acrididae, grasshoppers. Most likely a migratory locust which is a large grasshopper with strong powers of flight, but I can't be positive with the photo.

Thanks, Drew!